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I continue to watch what Man and Woman call “the vacuum.”  They seem to see the vacuum as a very useful and harmless object.  It creates loud noises and moves suddenly, but most terrifyingly of all, it sucks smells into a void, never to be smelled again.  Though Man and Woman have attempted to orchestrate a peace treaty between myself and Vacuum, the peace is an uneasy one.  I remain wary of this beast.

Where once the carpet was covered with my hairs, the Vacuum roars through, and suddenly the traces of me are gone–they’ve vanished!

“Good dog, good dog,” Man and Woman say when I am quiet, when I hold the barking in and just watch.  They think that perhaps I am learning to accept Vacuum.

They are wrong.

I do not trust Vacuum, and never shall.  I lie in wait for the day when it shows its true colors, and when that day comes, I will be ready.