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Dear Reader, I know that you may be like many who love All Hallows’ Eve, or, as you may have it, Halloween.  I am not one such.  Though I am fond of children, new smells, and visits, when they come all together and involve much ringing of the doorbell, I feel that things have taken a bad turn.

Though I do not keep careful watch on the calendar, I knew the dread holiday was approaching when pumpkins were brought into the house.  I sniffed them politely, but I knew that they were the harbingers of unpleasant noises and signaled that I would need to be on my guard more than ever to protect our apartment from intruders.

A few short days after the pumpkins’ arrival, I was invited on an outing in the car with Woman and Man, which filled me with excitement.  It turned out that our destination was an inn where I have stayed before, and where others of my kind (the canine species) like to stay.  This was a charming development, and I passed a blissful twenty-four hours running, leaping, sniffing, and slobbering with canines from the surrounding towns.  The next afternoon, Woman and Man came to reclaim me from my sleepover.  It had snowed that night, and I had been enjoying, with my friends, prancing in the stuff.  Snow always seems to fill me with a puppyish buoyancy which makes me want to leap and bark and which fills me with the joy of being alive.  Ahh…musing on snow brings me back to that first snowfall of my young life, when we still lived in Alaska.  I thought I could catch the snow and bite it–see?

Ah, youth.  And then there was the great blizzard of 2010, which changed the landscape in which I had been wont to play in a manner which initially baffled me.  The snow fell at an incredible pace for hours.  Sawyer stopped by in the midst of the mess to ensure our safety before fleeing back across the street to his own home when Woman and Man assured him all was well and encouraged him to seek shelter with his people.  The snow covered everything, and I found quite a change when I ventured out into the outdoors for the first time after the blizzard struck.

I looked out upon this altered scene with wonder, and felt again that thrill of the encounter with the new and unknown which Orange Boy and I always sought and reveled in.  After taking a moment to confer with Woman and Man–just with a look–I plunged into the chilly sea with all my courage and played until I was dog-tired.

Perhaps it is from that day that I can date my true love of the wintery outdoors.  Woman and Man do not seem to love snow and winter as much as I do, but they humor me and make sure that I am allowed to enjoy the snow and the chill air which so invigorate me.  But I digress…

Halloween approaches, and I know that Woman and Man had visitors here when I was away.  I smelled the synthetic materials of their costumes and the foods which had been served.  I do not think that the celebrations related to this holiday have ceased though, so I await the next developments.  I would say more, dear reader, but I truly am exhausted after my hours of diversion with my friends at the inn…forgive me until next time.

One last thought before my eyes close completely–I did smell upon Woman and Man that they have visited with a young puppy in my absence.  I caught faint smells of the house where my friend Maggie dwells, along with relatives of Woman’s.  Perhaps, one day, I will meet this puppy myself, but until then, I dream.