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A quick note to detail a trivial but painful occurrence unrelated to my quest to find my lost brother.  With the Thanksgiving holiday looming, Woman and Man decided that I needed to be washed.  This is always a trial.

Before I know it, I’m in the tub, often lured by excited tones, treats, or a running start combined with the first two.  Then, the water.  Then the shampoo.  I whine and whine, but it does no good.  Woman and Man are merciless in their desire to clean me when the mood takes hold of them.  They tell me how good I am and they anticipate my calculated attempts to leap out of the tub.

I think: Why are you doing this to me?

Afterward, Woman and Man rub me down with a towel.  Then I start to feel good.  Woman and Man praise me–my appearance and my clean smell–and then they clean my ears, which makes me very upset–but then it stops.  I feel calm and luxuriate in the attention and the towel.

I, at least, shall be looking my best for my visit to Maine this weekend to visit Man’s family.  I will reveal the details of my journey when I have a moment to write.  Right now, reader, I must leave you and turn my attention to my treats and toys.  Woman and Man seem to have repented of their harsh actions toward me, and are working to make it up to me.  I shall forgive them.  I always do.

Thanksgiving is a time for family.  I am grateful for Man and Woman, but do wish that I could make further progress in finding Orange Boy.  Time will tell…