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Beware, for I am fearless and therefore powerful.  I will watch with the wiliness of a snake, that I may sting with its venom.

-Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Upon the event of a full moon, Woman fitted me with my leash, that we might wander by the seaside in the dark and observe that remarkable white orb.  Woman  was quite entranced by the moon and its flashy reflection on the ocean below.  She watched it and snapped photographs of it.  I felt little interest in the moon, at first, being instead drawn to read the messages of the other animals and humans who had recently passed through this spot.  With my sensitive muzzle, I nosed around the grass, the park benches, and the holiday decorations.  There I smelled heartbreak and joy, anxiety and boldness, and many emotions in between, all lain down as sensory missives, disclosed to the inquiring canine.  My imagination followed the paths of these little-known neighbors of mine, and I was content.

As the moon drifted imperceptibly in the sky, I explored on, but gradually I began to feel a change.  Perhaps it was simply that power that the gothic beauty of darkness lit by the full moon possesses over the excitable faculties of the mind, but I began to feel strange sensations.  I felt masterful, formidable–a creature of skill with an infinite capacity for overcoming.  The world may be full of the dangers which follow at my brother’s heels, but I felt suddenly equal to those dangers and ready to surmount any obstacle.

Woman called to me, softly, to try to capture my form in the midst of the night.  This is the image which resulted:

Observe, reader, my terrible eyes!  I will strike fear into any enemy of mine or my brother’s!  I will defend Man and Woman whenever I am called upon to do so (and sometimes, when I am not)!  My shadow will fall upon my foe, and that adversary will tremble at my might!  When next I see Orange Boy, I will demand that he enlighten me completely with the details of his past and of the present dangers, and I will join with him to defeat all.