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Dear Reader:

Disturbing news.  I have been to the vet’s office and have consulted her advice.  We are running a few tests, but it appears that I am allergic to the very wilderness I love so much.  I am at the prime age (don’t ask what it is) for developing allergies, it seems.  I had been rubbing my nose a lot and scratching, and licking my paws…a bit too much, really, to tell the truth.  It really is impossible not to do so when I’m this itchy.

I will not let my allergies lower my spirits, however!  Woman has pollen allergies herself, and assures me one can still lead a very exhilarating and full life.  I suppose.

I’m in the cone due to my own lack of will power, it seems.  I didn’t want to put it on, but Woman and Man had such cheerful voices and gave me cheese and other treats.  Then it seemed all right, though it really does restrict one’s movement.  I’m sure if they took it off, I wouldn’t lick my paws again…or maybe I would, I’m not certain.

Man and Woman had gotten concerned that I might have allergies and then their anxiety increased when I didn’t approach my meals with the same vigor.  I’m sure I shall soon feel myself again.  I may check in with my physician in a few days just to ascertain the results of the tests.

Until then, I convalesce.  I shall take this time to rest body and soul.