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Yet habit–strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?

-Herman Melville, Moby Dick, courtesy of litquotes.com

I have been taking on new challenges lately, including learning to jump rope, which I understand is not only a young girl’s excellent and demanding sport, but also a favorite training tool in many intense and respected manly stories.  The universality of this challenging activity drew me to it, and Man and Woman are assisting me in my desire to learn.  This artful canine has already mastered the art; he is my role model in this endeavor–see this video clip: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/12/double-dutch-dog_n_1421952.html

I shall share pictures once I progress further.

Not to be a one-trick-doggy, I have also been working on my frisbee skills.  A human may not realize it, but frisbees present several unique difficulties to those of us without opposable thumbs.  One must get just the right angle in order to pick up  the frisbee with one’s teeth.

Additionally, the frisbee, when thrown, is often unpredictable.  Whereas one can predict, by means of studying its parabolic passage, the landing place of a ball or such like toy, and thus leap and catch it effortlessly in one’s fearsome jaws, the frisbee can take sudden turns when caught by the breeze, or when thrown at a slightly altered angle.  Even when one manages to leap forward in the right location to catch the frisbee, the flat shape of the object makes getting a good tooth-grip especially trying.

I will admit, reader, that at times, in both these ventures, I have been severely tempted to give up altogether, and to walk away.

However, when I feel this temptation, I remember my previous triumphs and remember, too, those who depend upon me.  Where would Woman and Man be without my prodigious strength, my incredible bravery and my impressive dexterity?    I shudder to imagine.  What would Edgar do without my help?  Or Mr. Bailey?  I am but a mere point in a complex world of interconnections, a part of a web in which many souls are a part.  I recognize my responsibility, and ultimately, I will always embrace it.

I shall continue to practice and I shall get to know the frisbee and the jump rope intimately as objects and as parts of our mobile world, bound as we all are by laws of physics and the other sciences.  I will learn their secrets and they shall become my tools.

I confess that I grow concerned after not hearing from Edgar in some time.  I hope that he shall soon make contact again and reassure me that he is well and re-enlist me in the fight for justice and to protect those we love.

I also miss Maggie…and in my heart, I wonder…does she miss me?

Then must you strive to be worthy of her love.  Be brave and pure, fearless to the strong and humble to the weak; and so, whether this love prosper or no, you will have fitted yourself to be honored by a maiden’s love, which is, in sooth, the highest guerdon which a true knight can hope for.

-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company, courtesy of litquotes.com