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The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it

-Charles Dickens, courtesy of litquotes.com

As spring has turned to summer, I have continued to follow Mr. Bailey’s advice to live life to the fullest and wait for the answer to the coyote question to come to me, at least for now.  I have been spending a good deal of time paying visits to Mr. Bailey’s home and enjoying the summer sun, the soft earth and the feel of the gentle wind in my fur as I romp around the yard.

Mr. Bailey confided in me that Woman’s brother, who is currently staying in Mr. Bailey’s home, will be getting a puppy in a few days’ time.  I congratulated him, but Mr. Bailey expressed some reservations.

“I am not as young as I once was, despite my incredible athleticism, Humphrey.  Puppies are exhausting and they get into everything.”

“Yes, I suppose so,” I said to Mr. Bailey.  “Yet, puppies also sleep a lot, so you’ll still have some time to yourself.”

Mr. Bailey seemed somewhat cheered by this and joined me for a stroll in the summer sunshine.

After we’d run around a bit, Mr. Bailey went in to check on his people and I decided to go for a swim.  In the past, when I went for the pond, which often smells intriguingly strongly of algae and which provides a home for several slippery frogs, Man and Woman would say “No, stop!” but today they seemed resigned that I would swim.  It was a hot day.  They threw the stick for me a bit, and I enjoyed my splash in the pond, though I did hear the word “bath” bandied about quite a bit as I leaped in and out of the water.

It was easy today, in this gorgeous weather, to recapture the feeling I’ve often had of my own connection to nature.  I could not help but wonder if the coyotes, in retracing my steps and Mr. Bailey’s, could sometimes imagine themselves part of our domestic sphere in the same way that I could often feel myself to be a creature of the forest.