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In small towns people scent the wind with noses of uncommon keenness.

-Stephen King, courtesy of http://www.brainyquote.com

This past weekend, I traveled up to Maine with Woman and Man to visit Man’s family.  The seasons are much further advanced there, and the leaves on some of the trees have begun to give up their green and embrace, instead, the new and vibrant colors of the fall.

Have I ever told you, reader, of my affinity for leaves?  I love them!  I love to chase them and to snap them up in my teeth.  I twist in the air to catch them as the wind lifts them up and ruffles my fur, both at once.

After spending several minutes playing in the leaves with Man and Woman, I found the perfect stick.  All in all, a good day.

During my northerly sojourn, I also received a message, from Edgar.  He said he’d come to see me soon–as soon as he could.  He left the message with a dog who lives near Man’s parents, who barked it out to me as soon as I saw her.  Soon, I shall see my brother again.  Until then…